FACT: Anyone other than a sitting president would be in jail by now

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2 min readJul 23, 2019


We are 24 hours out from special counsel Mueller’s testimony before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees on July 24th.

The Mueller Investigation found crimes — and the American people need to know about them.

Below are some talking points prepared by Petkanas Strategies. Please spread them far and wide.

The Mueller investigation found an enormous amount of criminal activity that is detailed in his report.

  • Mueller issued 37 criminal indictments and has already secured guilty pleas or convictions from 7 people. This includes Trump’s national security adviser who pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about his contacts with Russia and Trump’s campaign chairman who is currently in prison for conspiracy against the United States.
  • Mueller found at least ten instances in which Donald Trump personally sought to obstruct or interfere with the investigation. This includes ordering his White House counsel to lie and create a false record.
  • Mueller found Trump’s team lied to investigators about more than 100 secret meetings with Russia and the Kremlin-linked Wikileaks.

If the average person did any of this, they’d go to jail.

  • If a plumber in Ohio tried to deceive investigators, obstruct justice or accept Russian help to impact an election like Trump did, they’d go to prison.
  • If a member of our military did this, they’d be court-martialed.
  • We cannot pretend we have equal justice in this country if Trump is able to get away with something that would land anyone else in the slammer.

Now it’s up to Congress to get the rest of the facts on the table and hold Donald Trump and his team accountable.

They can do this at the same time they work to lower health care costs, create good paying jobs, protect reproductive rights, battle climate change and fix our broken immigration system.

  • That’s what we pay them to do.

Tell Congress to begin an impeachment inquiry here.



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