With the obvious abuse of power by Trump in #Ukrainegate, the Democratic Coalition has launched our Impeachment Task Force in order to remove Trump from the White House. This is a direct response to Trump’s Impeachment Defense Task Force.

The Democratic Coalition is one of the largest online organizing groups in the Democratic Party. While impeachment is a grave process for Congress to undertake, we need to be able to amplify breaking news and accounts related to impeachment and counter disinformation using paid advertising.

Please watch our first ad below and donate to help fuel the Impeachment Task Force today!

Trump is using millions of dollars on rapid response Facebook ads, spending over $2 million on 1,800 ads in just a single week, making our efforts even more critical to win hearts and minds in the fight to sway public opinion.

The members of our Impeachment Task Force below — a list we are adding to every day — are the heart of #TheResistance to Trump and we will be amplifying their social media posts as we fight to remove this criminal president from the White House. Please follow them today and subscribe to the Twitter list here.

You can sign up for the Impeachment Task Force here!

We are one of the largest #Resistance organizations in the country. Visit http://www.DemocraticCoalition.org to learn more. #ImpeachTrump