The Dem Coalition helped drive #TheResistance the first half of 2019

The Democratic Coalition
5 min readJul 9, 2019

2019 is going gangbusters for The Dem Coalition, as your donations have helped us grow one of the largest social media presences in the anti-Trump movement.

The numbers don’t lie — look at the stats below through July 8th and then please donate today!


The Democratic Coalition’s Facebook page has grown to more than 395,000 fans, served 221.7 million impressions in 2019, and has driven 21.1 million engagements and 5 million link clicks this year.

We continue to grow on Facebook with digital ads targeted at 10 key states that will have competitive U.S. Senate races in 2020.

And our page continues to be one of the top progressive pages in terms of total interactions and interaction rate — and one of the most active, driving 5,458 posts already in 2019 and 13,851 posts in 2018 and 14,069 posts in 2017.

(That’s 33,378 posts since Trump took office!)

These engagement numbers become even more impressive when compared with similar — many larger and more established — groups via Crowdtangle stats:

(Note: There are clearly slight discrepancies between the way Sprout Social and Crowdtangle categorize engagements and interactions in Facebook.)


The Twitter numbers may be even more striking when you include our leadership team. For starters, the @DemCoalition Twitter account has driven 113.8 million impressions in 2019 while growing to more than 253K followers.

But then look at the numbers behind co-founder Scott Dworkin — his @Funder account has achieved an astonishing 32.26 million interactions so far in 2019 and has grown to more than 492K followers. Scott is joined by Coalition Chairman Jon Cooper’s @JonCooperTweets 290K-follower account which has driven 10.76 million interactions this year.

Here’s how Dworkin and Cooper stack up against some of the top tweeters of #TheResistance:


All of the The Dem Coalition’s social media properties have been dedicated to driving actions to Congress. In fact, more than 119,000 unique individuals have sent more than 500,000 letters to Congress on a wide variety of issues — including more than 117,000 letters in support of impeaching Donald Trump.


Here are the results of some of the research we have done and other media highlights:


Here are the more successful videos we have pushed out on Twitter, racking up more than 34 million views combined. (Note: This list is being completed, please check back later.)

Learn more about our work:



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