The Resistance Task Force

The Democratic Coalition
2 min readMar 5, 2020

We launched the Resistance Task Force to help build another huge Democratic wave and hold the House, flip the Senate, and defeat Trump on November 3rd, 2020.

The Democratic Coalition is one of the largest online organizing groups in the Democratic Party and just like with the Impeachment Task Force, we are building a list of key Twitter influencers who are focused on building a massive blue wave for the November elections.

We are building out our list below — sign up here if you want to be involved and follow our Twitter list here.

Kirk Acevedo — @KirkAcevedo

Tom Arnold — @TomArnold

Kurt Bardella — @KurtBardella

Aaron Black — @BlackCatUnloads

Robert Cooper — @robertcooper58

Bryan Dawson — @BryanDawsonUSA

Tara Dublin — @taradublinrocks

Scott Dworkin — @funder

Aram Fischer — @AramFischer

Marie Follayttar — @MarieFollayttar

Andrea Junker — @strandjunker

Justin Kanew — @Kanew

Steve Kerrigan — @SteveKerrigan

Nick Knudsen — @DemWrite

Carina Kolodny — @CarinaKolodny

John Leguizamo — @JohnLeguizamo

Stefan Lessard — @SLessard

McSpocky — @McSpocky

Debra Messing — @DebraMessing

Alyssa Milano — @Alyssa_Milano

Peter Morley — @morethanmySLE

Shannon Resist — @RichOnes1

Alan Rosenblatt — @DrDigiPol

Otep Shamaya — @otepofficial

Rick Smith — @RickSmithShow

Grant Stern — @GrantStern

George Takei — @GeorgeTakei

Kyle Tanner — @OptimistsPrime

Kiersten Warren — @KierstenWarren

Chuck Westover — @ChuckWestover



The Democratic Coalition

We are one of the largest #Resistance organizations in the country. Visit to learn more.